Welcome to the Croydon based ‘Change through Learning’ Teaching School Alliance

Our Teaching School Alliance is currently a cohesive but diverse group of 13 schools which is set to grow. It covers mainstream and independent; Primary, Secondary and Special schools from both Academy and non-Academy sectors.

This diversity brings strength and expertise to the Alliance’s activities. Members have a shared purpose to work together to improve the learning and achievement of all the young people in their schools, and to support other schools in the region to do the same. We see our role as creating a culture of learning in which school leaders and teachers collaborate to share expertise, tackle challenges together and realise their aspirations for themselves and for their pupils. We are ambitious in our plans for continuous improvement and committed to a belief in the power of collaboration between schools. This will be achieved by pursuing excellence in teaching and learning by facilitating training, support, research and development that is "for schools led by schools". We support the belief that we are "stronger together" and that partnership and collaboration between practising teachers in different schools is the only way to continually develop and improve teaching and learning for the benefit of students, parents and the communities in which we work.click here for more information


School to School

There are a number of ways a teaching school can offer school-to-school support, such as:

Assisting a school in developing and implementing policies designed to bring about school improvement.,Bringing about improvements in the data analysis undertaken by schools.,Raising attainment and standards by closing the gap for identified vulnerable and underachieving groups.,Addressing weaknesses identified by Ofsted (or by other agencies) by providing additional leadership capacity to improve the quality of teaching and learning in specific subjects; year groups or with individual teachers

Providing an acting headteacher in a challenging school.,Providing an executive headteacher to work with a federation or similar organisation of schools.,Acting as the sponsor for a converted academy.,Leading a chain of academies.

Teaching schools are expected to provide school-to-school support to:

Undertake an audit of school improvement need.,Effectively draw on capacity from across its strategic partners to undertake school-to-school support.,Lead the management and co-ordination of school-to-school support through identification of individuals with management responsibilities and to quality assure activities.,Provide an appropriate range of support across the spectrum of schools,Evidence positive impact of support through raising standards or by bringing about the school improvement that is reflected in Ofsted judgements.,Extend the reach and spectrum of leaders and staff involved in the delivery of school-to-school support within and across the alliance.,Support development of both staff and succession planning.



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